Marta Horovitz

Kastoria Summer School Participant 2017

About myself:

I’m a fur designer, born 1989, based in Krakow, Poland. Since October 2013, I have been successfully running my micro business recycling of vintage fur coats into contemporary fur garments. I recycle vintage fur of all kinds, sheepskin, shearling, suede and leather. I love mixing fabrics and textures, so I design fur coats that are a combination of diverse fur kinds, for example: fox with swakara, rabbit and goat fur together, trimmed with suede. 

Five different textures in one coat make it look fresh yet refined with simplicity. It’s an experimental approach towards fur design to make it contemporary and light. This happens even while using vintage fur – usually of classic natural colours – as a main fabric. 

I also make bomber jackets and vests that are of casual style for everyday use. For me it’s about changing the perception of fur as something not only for the special occasions and not only for the rich. What I design and sew is affordable and ready to wear, perfect for mixing with casual pants and converse.  My biggest inspiration in regards to fur design is the Italian brand Marni.

Regarding my education: I have a Master’s degree in International Management at University of Economics in Krakow during which I took one semester of International Business studies in Oslo, Norway. After my graduation in 2013, I decided to switch my career towards fashion and art, still having multiple jobs in other fields. In 2014 I bought a fur machine “Success”, and since then I’ve been learning myself (at home) cutting, sewing and hand finishing of each garment I make for my winter collections, as well as also for bespoke items and special orders.

Scholarships/awards and experience:

In 2015, I engaged in a summer course of pattern making and garment construction at Krakow Schools of Art and Fashion Design, followed by one semester of pattern making at the same school in the Spring of 2016. I quit the studies, since all that we were learning there was pure tailoring of suits and dresses, and not even a hint of fur fashion, which was my only interest. I made two internships related to fur craftsmanship – one at furrier’s studio, the other at dressmaker’s studio (2015). In 2017, I participated in Fur Summer School in Kastoria, Greece and I continue to learn.

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