Maria Gavelin

Kastoria Summer School Participant 2017

About myself:

My name is Maria Gavelin, I am a 23 year old fashion designer from Malmö, Sweden. I graduated from a bachelor in Fashion Design with the focus on menswear, in Florence, Italy, May 2016. After my graduation I got an Internship at Salvatore Ferragamo as Junior Menswear Designer where I stayed until January 2017. 

I believe that my design style is a mix of classic menswear influenced with strong street style looks together with high masculinity. My passion and my focus is equally strong with choosing fabrics as the design and the cuts, this is something I think is missing in the menswear industry today. 

I love to explore the unexplored in menswear and play with garments, pieces and materials that usually people do not associate with what men usually wear. The challenge is to make my design into a garment or accessory that men actually would wear and it is a challenge that I happily accept. 

My absolute dream would be to start my own menswear brand that would reach out to men with both rich knowledge and almost no knowledge of fashion and style. My brand would provide garments that never goes out of style and will last you for a lifetime. I would want to become a brand who get the interest form “common” people and of course I want to be affordable but staying sustainable. 

This is also why leather and fur is on my highest interests, materials that are screaming to get a place in the menswear industry!

What was your inspiration going into fashion?

I fell in love with drawing and music at a very young age. I needed a way to express my creativity so I started practicing figure skating at the age of three until I was about 17 years old. I loved the freedom of expressing yourself with the costume designs and the beautiful dresses. Of course this is the place where I first fell in love with fashion design. When I was 16 years old I joined a design school and I knew almost immediately that there was no way back, fashion design was going to be my career. 

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