Jessica Belanger

Kastoria Summer School Participant 2017
SWAK Jessica Balenger
SWAK Jessica Balenger

Jessica Bélanger (b. 1989; Montreal, Canada); I currently live and work in Denmark.
I am a textile designer. I help my clients and partners to make a statement through materials and colours; to break out of the mould and get noticed. I have a good understanding of the design process and love collaborating with different creatives as well as individuals from other industries. I also enjoy stepping out of my role as a designer and act as project manager in order to create something exciting, positive and unique with a team.
Materials and textures are central to my practice. I believe my background in fine art feeds my approach to work and my desire for creating unique, beautiful and innovative designs.
My aspiration would be to work for a company or design studio that shares my values to create products and projects that are creative, innovative and more sustainable.
I hold a Bachelor in Fine Arts, major in textiles and material practices, from Concordia University in Canada (2012) and I am currently completing a Masters degree in Design with a specialisation in textile design and sustainable practices from the Design School Kolding in Denmark (2018). Before returning to academia, I was working within the contemporary art sector in the UK, managing a gallery in central London. I therefore hold a strong knowledge of the international luxury and art markets.

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