Javier E. Sola

Kastoria Summer School Participant 2017
Javier Sola Fur Designer

What was your inspiration going into fashion:

Since I was a child, I have been attracted to fashion and “instinctively” to fur, as an inborn taste thanks to my Grandmother.

My vital necessity for fur is not only focused on the business, marketing and strategy side of the fur industry, as I am currently studying for an International Degree in Management at the prestigious University of Navarra, but also I am extremely interested in the designing and manufacturing of such wonderful pieces of art. At the moment I am considering basing my final thesis in the Fur Industry: its evolution, its amazingly good trend forecast and its ability to overcome the difficulties in the most innovative ways.

Scholarships/awards and experience:

Focusing on the most creative part of designing and manufacturing furs, three years ago I had the opportunity to be helping Jesús Lorenzo, one of the most talented Spanish furriers, according to Fur Guru and the International Fur Federation, with his fashion show at the Navarra Fashion Week. He told me that he was impressed and very pleased with my performance, as I had helped him a lot in the preparation of the fashion show and in the backstage during it.

After that initial collaboration, I travelled with them to Madrid to attend the Madrid Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, in which I cooperated in the launch of the new Jesús Lorenzo for Groenlandia Haute Fourrure Collection.

Thanks to that, he offered me going to his atelier and learning from experienced and skilled hands the art of fur manufacture, as at that time I had already started working with fur.

The time I spent at Groenlandia Fur House with the fur designer Jesús Lorenzo, and his parents, was very enriching. I was shown the different fur techniques they use, and also I had the chance to handmade in their atelier the one that was my grey fox fur jacket, the first piece of my fur collection. After choosing the fur type, “Virginian Fox”, “Grey Fox”, from a vintage fur coat, I designed the men jacket, combining fox and Harrys virgin wool tweed, and the time of bringing the design to life came. That was a very enriching and flowering experience, which lead me to keep working in my passion, in fur. 
Recently, I took part in the Kastoria Fur Summer School, this experience changed my life providing me invaluable knowledge and experience, and also giving an added value not only to me but also to my work. I had the chance to work with some of the best professionals of the Greek fur sector and especially with Vasilis Kardasis, who was able inspire us.

Recently I have been focused on my Menswear Fur Collection, and also in some womenswear projects, such as the bomber jacket combining black and black cross mink, together with red raccoon and embroidered in pearls, which has triumphed on the social media and in many events such as the “Pasarela 948” “ 948 Runway”, and it has appeared, as myself, in SPENDin Magazine.

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