Henna Mantere

Kastoria Summer School Participant 2017

About myself:

  • • Born in 1976, lives in Finland.
  • • Has solid knowledge in interior textiles and design practises.
  • • Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Lapland in 2004.
  • • Has work history in B2B sales, project management and interior & textile design.
  • • Studies fur design and international business at Centria University of Applied Sciences.
  • • Inspired by history and culture as well as by textile materials and techniques.
  • • Interested in designing interior products and accessories adapting fur materials.
  • • Future objective—to start working on a dissertation on art.

What was your inspiration to go into fashion?

For me, fashion and especially fur is a connection to the deepest roots of the Finnish culture: the land was inhabited as a result of the lure of fur. My passion for fur was lit through second-hand coats. Working on them enchanted my senses, producing an experience: “I now remember why I exist.” Fur speaks to me in an addictively nuanced manner and caresses me with its lavish loveliness. The challenging nature of working with fur entices me. It is the most difficult, multi-phased and delicate textile technique I know.

I wanted to specialise in fur and sought to study fur design at Centria University of Applied Sciences despite the fact that I already had a Master’s degree. The Reconstruction collection (in pictures) is my study project. It is more wearable art than it is clothes. On the other hand, it does feature elements and details which could be adapted to everyday use. 

Reconstruction is a metaphor for life: the structures of life may very well come crumbling down. A new start must be made using whatever shreds are available. Sometimes the reconstruction process is successful, sometimes it fails. The only thing certain is the fact that there is no going back.

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