Giulia Tesoriere

Kastoria Summer School Participant 2017

About myself:

My name is Giulia Tesoriere, I’m 26 and I am an Italian Fur Fashion designer. My design of course is linked to an Italian sense of beauty, elegance and perfection, mixed with eclectics visions and exotics colour mixing. I travel a lot during the year, this give me the possibility to be inspired from colours, cultures , and trends from different parts of the world and then transfer all my visions to my fur designs. 

I always try to learn more in the fur and fashion crossover taking courses for specialisation, including the one in Toronto at NAFA studios, the course at the Saga design centre in Copenhagen, and then the Fur Summer School in Kastoria by FurEurope. These three experiences had certainly contributed the fortification of my skills and knowledge.

I am pursuing a career in the fur industry because it’s the part of fashion that inspires me most from a creative point of view and as a personal endeavour.


After my graduation in Rome, at the Accademia di Moda e Costume, I won two Italian fur fashion competitions, the first prize of RMI “Ricerca Moda e Innovazione” in 2012, and the second prize at “Remix” in Milan in 2013. 

This gave me the chance to start working for an Italian luxury Fur fashion company based in Rome, “deCarlis furs”, where I worked from 2013 to this current year. 
Inside deCarlis, I was the only designer accompanied by the two owners, who have grown up and taught me all about the craft in these four years, and this was my big luck. I managed all their fashion shows in Milan and prepared all their fur collections for the MiFur fair in these years.

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