Aigul Asadullina

Kastoria Summer School Participant 2017

What was your inspiration to go into fashion?

I like it when creativity becomes part of our lives, for example in the fashion clothing is transformed into a work of art. The need for beauty and art is inseparable from the world of fashion. I am inspired by the expressive possibilities of structure and flexible materials like fur. My work aims to go beyond the boundaries of the traditional ‘frame’ in order to reinforce the physical presence of the material structure to make the clothes “picturesque”.

About myself

Aigul Asadullina. 22 years old. From Russia, based on St. Petersburg. I graduated Saint-Petersburg state University industrial technology and design and obtained a bachelor’s degree as a Fashion designer in 2017.

Scholarships/ Awards

During my education I participated in a range of internships, competitions and study programs focused on fur industry. My first experience working with fur was held in collaboration with Kopenhagen Furs for the Imagine talents show 2016, a finalist of which I have become. My experience includes working in a number of manufactures specializing in various types of fur: mink, fox, karakul, sheared beaver and so on. During fur seminars, also held by Kopenhagen fur, I mastered sewing fur techniques, dying fur and I worked out some own fur techniques with mink. I had an experience of creating a fur collection consisted of three models (mink, karakul and sheared beaver fur) for international competition «Remix 2017». My work included developing a mood board, searching new fur techniques, drawing sketches for future collection, selecting and sourcing materials, and creating patterns. This summer I became a member of Fur Summer School 2017. It helped me to understand the process of working factories fur and the fur industry as a whole. So for me it would be interesting to start working in this field in the direction of the design of fur products. In the work on the project, I realized that the fur industry needs new ideas and a fresh perspective on existing issues.

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